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Score Posting Widget (back to widgets)
Post your score by logging in with your GHIN # and Last Name. Follow each successive step in the
process to post your ESC score. You default posting tee (if you have one in your GHIN profile) will
appear automatically.

Handicap Lookup Widget (back to widgets)
3 different ways to find the latest GHIN handicap for a GHIN member in any state


Handicap Card Printing Widget (back to widgets)
1. Enter your GHIN number and press the Lookup Button.
2. For multi-club members, scroll to and click once on the club whose name you want to appear on the card.
3. Then select the My Card tab at the top of your scoring record. You will see your card displayed on the screen.
4. To print the card click on the Print button above-right of the card.


Edit GHIN Profile Widget (back to widgets)
Change your personal information in your GHIN record by keying in your GHIN # and the first 8
characters of your last name. Click update when you have finished your editing.






Register for eRevision Newsletter Widget (back to widgets)
Sign up for e-Revision newsletter on the 1st & 15th by entering your email address in the profile
editor below. Click update when finished.













Unsubscribe from eRevision Newsletter Widget (back to widgets)
Stop getting e-Revision newsletter on the 1st & 15th by deleting your email address in the profile
below and clicking on Update.