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How-to Center for Professionals

How to Print a Handicap Revision Report

  • Open GHP Online Club ( using your internet browser
  • Log in with the club credentials
  • Click on the Menu item - Reports
  • Select report - Handicap Index/CH
  • In the Report Filters section, choose the options for the information you want in the report
  • In the Report Output Columns section, choose which data items you want to see in the report by moving the items to the Display Column box
  • In the Report Appearance section, select your font size, your paper size and your paper orientation for the report.
  • When you are finished with your selection you can run the report by clicking on the Run Report button in the upper right corner of the page, or
  • If you want to schedule the report to run at a future date and time, click on the Schedule Report button in the upper right corner of the page and fill out the schedule and the email address(es) for recipient(s) of the report.


How to Edit Member Scores in GHP

  • Open GHP Online Club ( using your internet browser
  • Log in with the club credentials
  • Click on the Roster link in the service for the member in question
  • Scroll down to find the member whose score needs editing and click on the blue link of the member's name
  • At the top of the Golfer Maintenance screen, click on the link for Score Maintenance
  • Scroll down to the member's scoring record and locate the score in question
  • Click on on of the two links to the right of the score: Edit or Delete
  • Complete the corrections and click on the Save button to complete the process
  • NOTE: Score editing does not work well with Microsoft Edge browsers in the Windows 10 operating system.


How to Set up Default Posting Tees

  • Open GHP Online Club ( using your internet browser
  • Log in with the club credentials
  • Click on the Roster link in the service for the member in question
  • Scroll down to find the member name who needs a default posting tee and click on the blue name link
  • In their resulting Golfer Maintenance screen, locate the Golfer Information Section (lower left)
  • Click on the menu tab - Player Settings
  • Click on the button Select Tee
  • Search for the club by typing in the Club Name field a portion of the club name with a preceding % sign and a following % sign - see sample to the right. In addition, you must select the State where the club is located by using the State pulldown box.
  • Click the Search button. Note: You may get more tee choices than just your club. Please choose the appropriate tee and club combination for your member.
  • Click the Select link to the left of the default tee for the member
  • Click the Save button at the bottom of the Golfer Maintenance screen to save your changes.


How to Look up a Guest's Handicap Index

  • Open GHP Online Club ( using your internet browser
  • Log in with the club credentials
  • Click on the menu item All Golfers and then Golf Lookup
  • If you know the guest's GHIN number, type it in the GHIN Number box and click on the Search button at the bottom. This should bring up their name link which you can click on to get more detailed information about your guest' handicap.
  • If you do not know the guest's GHIN number then type in the guest's last name in the Last Name field
  • Next, type in a portion of the guest's first name followed by the % sign (this is considered a wildcard symbol). For example: if your guest's first name was Rob, he could be in the GHIN system as Rob, Robby, Robert, etc. If you were to type "Rob" and he was in the system as "Robby" then the search would not find your guest. However, if you type in "Ro%", the search will find all players with the guest's last name combined with any first name that started with "Ro".
  • Optional: If you would like to narrow the search even further and you know what state the player keeps their GHIN number, use the Association pulldown box and select the State Association matching their state of residence. Note: Do not select a state from the State dropdown box. If Robby did not have an address in his GHIN record then searching for a state address will not result in finding Robby.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • From the resulting list of names matching your criteria, click on the name link of the GHIN member who matches your guest to get more detail about their GHIN data including their handicap information. Note: If you are facing a long list of potential matches, you can click on any column header to sort that column in alpha or numeric order to help better organize your search.

How to Link Two Different Handicap Systems Together


How to set up a Carolinas Interclub Match in TPP Client

  • Each year, the Carolinas Golf Association (CGA) conducts a season-long Men's Interclub Championship.
  • This event features 3 matches in each of 6 pairing groups: one four-ball match and two individual match play competitions.
  • The tournament can be set up using the GHIN Tournament Pairing Program (TPP).
  • Once the captains have set their lineups for the matches, TPP can be used to determine the pairings, the stroke/dotting allocations and the scorecards.
  • Included in the instructions are tips on producing cart signs, pairing reports and scoreboards as needed.
CGA Interclub Match Set-up Guide
Scorecard (Individual Match) 
Scorecard (Team Match)
Sample Scoreboards and Reports


How to set up a Round Robin Match Around Tournament in TPP Client


  • One of the more popular tournament formats for a member-guest championship is the Round Robin/Match Around.
  • This format breaks the field into flights of 6 two-person teams.
  • Each flight plays 5 nine-hole matches over two or three days.
  • Each team in the flight will play every other team in the flight during the course of the tournament.
  • The team winning the most matches (or, conversely, the most points) over the course of the tournament wins their flight.
  • The flights are generally grouped by Team Handicap Index or Team Course Handicap.
Round Robin Set-up Guide
Scorecard (2 teams per card)
Scorecard (1 team per card)


How to back up your TPP Client database and reports