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Program Install Guides

GHIN Posting Station Software

In the Carolinas, the handicap system is an online cloud-based database. The GHIN posting station software is an online operation requiring an internet connection and the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

GHP Online Golfer Set-up Instructions (pdf)   GHP Blue Icon

On occasion the posting station will lose its connection set-up with the GHIN database on the Internet. Reconnecting the posting station is a simple task. Have your club credentials at hand and follow this short tutorial:

GHP Online Reload Club Preferences (pdf)

GHIN Handicap Label Printing

As an option, the GHIN posting station can be set up to print handicap labels. A Dymo brand LabelWriter 450 is the preferred model for printing labels. (Dymo models 330 and higher are acceptable.) The label printing option requires the use of preprinted handicap labels available from Carolinas GHIN Support at our GHIN & TPP Supplies Store.

There are several custom settings necessary to activate the label printing feature. These are covered in the following setup tutorial:

GHP Online Golfer Label Printing Instructions (pdf)

GHIN Handicap Management (for handicap administrators)

Each club has the responsibility to manage their own handicap rosters and the scoring records for their members. The GHIN Handicap Management website has the tools necessary to carry out these tasks. With this program you can:

  • add new members to your roster;
  • add existing GHIN members to your club;
  • correct member scoring records;
  • edit members' bographical and posting information;
  • activate or inactivate members as needed;
  • modify handicap indexes, post penalty scores, manage handicaps;
  • produce various reports on demand or by a prescheduled email.

Learn how to set up GHP Online Club Management by clicking on this link:

GHP Online Club Set-up   GHP Red Icon

TPP Client - Setup Guide for Sharing the Database

The Tournament Pairing Program (TPP Client) can be set up so that two or more computer installations can share one single database. As long as the computers are on the same network the host computer can be set to share its database so all tournament activity is coordinated and available to all of the peer computers. While these instructions are complete and will help you to share the database, we highly recommend you call Carolinas GHIN Support (910-687-4040) to set up a day and time when they can assist you with procedure. With your permission, they will remotely control your computers and enter the settings necessary to share the data.

TPP Client Installation & Set-up Guide

TPP Client Network Sharing Guide