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TPP Client Support

TPP Client Program Installation

The Tournament Pairing Program is provided free of charge to member clubs for use in setting up and administering tournament play. The highly featured program handles Stroke Play, Match Play, Cup Matches, Stableford, and Round Robin tournament formats among others. Following guidelines set forth in the USGA handicap manual, TPP will calculate course handicaps for all particpants taking into account their Handicap Index, handicap allowance adjustments, and players playing from different tees. TPP can be installed on as many club computers as needed and when configured on the same network all of the installs can be set up to share the same tournament database.

The link below will guide you through the installation of the software. However, we highly recommend that you call Carolinas GHIN Support (910-687-4040) to set up a day and time when they can assist you with the installation and set-up. With your permission, they will remotely control your computer and perform the entire installation for you including setting up of preferences and importing extra optional scorecards and reports.
TPP Client Installation Guide

TPP Client Top Ten Tips

Over the course of the last few years we have zeroed in on several topic areas that continually make up our top ten questions from club staff professionals. Here for your consideration: The Top Ten TPP Tips

Setting up a Carolinas Interclub Match

Each year, the Carolinas Golf Association (CGA) conducts a season-long Men's Interclub Championship. This event features 3 matches in each of 6 pairing groups: one four-ball match and two individual match play competitions. The tournament can be set up using the GHIN Tournament Pairing Program (TPP). Once the captains have set their lineups for the matches, TPP can be used to determine the pairings, the stroke/dotting allocations and the scorecards. Included in the instructions are tips on producing cart signs, pairing reports and scoreboards as needed. CGA Interclub Match Set-up Guide

Scorecard (Individual Match)      Scorecard (Team Match)

Sample Scoreboards and Reports

Setting up a Round Robin Match Around Tournament

One of the more popular tournament formats for a member-guest championship is the Round Robin/Match Around. This format breaks the field into flights of 6 two-person teams. Each flight plays 5 nine-hole matches over two or three days. Each team in the flight will play every other team in the flight during the course of the tournament. The team winning the most matches (or, conversely, the most points) over the course of the tournament wins their flight. The flights are generally grouped by Team Handicap Index or Team Course Handicap.
Round Robin Tournament Set-up Guide

Scorecard (2 teams per card)        Scorecard (1 team per card)

Importing Players from an Excel Spreadsheet

Entering players into a tournament for an outside play event can be very keyboard intensive. If there is a electronic spreadsheet version of the tournament entrants you might want to consider importing this information directly into TPP. There are several simple adjustments that must be made to the digital file before importing. These instructions will help you get started. We encourage you to give Carolinas GHIN Support a call if you have any questions. We will be able to manipulate the file for you or sign onto your computer and give you a quick demonstration of of how the importing function works. This technique can be a real time saver.

Spreadsheet Player Import Instructions       Quick Guide Bullet Points

Video Instruction Guide

Sample Blank Spreadsheet         Sample Import Format