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Tournament Software Changes

Recently the U.S.G.A. announced they were entering into a collaboration agreement with the tournament software company Golf Genius Software to offer golf tournament management software to State and Regional Golf Associations (SRGA) and their member clubs. This software is called USGA Tournament Management powered by Golf Genius Software.

While we do not know all of the details about the specific features of the Golf Genius product that will be available to our clubs, we are very excited about being able to offer this new software to our clubs. The software will be available in early 2017 (currently scheduled for January). Our member clubs will have the option to continue to use TPP in its current versions or use the USGA Tournament Management or use both software platforms throughout 2017. However, on December 31, 2017, Tournament Pairing Program (TPP) as we know it will be retired.

The USGA has indicated they are working with Golf Genius to have the new USGA Tournament Management product contain a feature set equivalent to TPP with some added capabilities including support for golf league management. Currently, there are a small set of SRGAs who are involved in a pilot program to test the software and provide feedback to the USGA and Golf Genius as to any critical issues regarding training, features and reliability of the new software offering.
We will see the pilot program’s results and train on the software at our GHIN Users Conference in early November. In the meantime, we do know there will be two versions of the software:

USGA Tournament Management powered by Golf Genius Software, will provide a feature set equivalent to TPP plus additional capabilities including robust support for golf leagues. This version will be available to all of our member clubs as part of their membership in the golf association.

USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM, powered by Golf Genius Software, will offer an upgraded set of tournament management features and will be functionally equivalent to the current Golf Genius product. This version of the software will be offered as an option to clubs requiring these additional features at an additional cost.
As we learn more about the particulars of the software and the schedule for transition, we will be contacting all of our clubs with more details. We will be adding a Golf Genius section to our website to keep all of our members up-to-date as we learn more about this exciting new software option.
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