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Administering Handicaps

How do I add a player to my handicap roster?

You can use your GHIN Handicap Management program (GHP Club) to add members to your roster. There are two methods to choose from depending on whether your prospective member already has an earlier GHIN number or not:

Prospective Member ALREADY HAS a GHIN number (active or inactive) from another club...
Step 1: Open your GHIN Handicap Management program ( and log in.
Step 2: Go to the menu item [All Golfers] - [Golfer Lookup]
Step 3: Within the search area you'll find a field for GHIN number. Type in the member's GHIN number and click on the Search Button at the bottom.
Note: if you do not know the GHIN number you may search for their GHIN record by typing in their last name in the Last Name field and the first 3 letters of their first name followed by the % symbol in the First Name field and then click on the Search Button at the bottom.
Step 4: From the results of the search operation, click on the blue link for your new member from the list of names.
Step 5: Once you are in their GHIN record there will be an [Add to Club] button at the bottom of their record, click this button.
Step 6: Select the handicap service you wish them to join - then click on the [Transfer] option.
Step 7: You can now edit or fix any incorrect information in their GHIN record. Their GHIN number is now associated with the previous clubs as well as your club and will now appear on your handicap roster going forward.

Prospective Member DOES NOT HAVE a GHIN number (active or inactive) from another club...
Step 1: Open your GHIN Handicap Management program ( and log in.
Step 2: Go to the menu item [My Golfers] - [Add Golfer]
Step 3: Select the proper Handicap Service, Local number and Golfer Type
Note: Golfer type is R for all regular members and J for your junior golfers under the age of 18. If you designate a member with a J, you will also have to enter their proper birthdate in the field below.
Step 4: Enter as much biographical data as you have access to. A First and Last name as well as Gender entry are required fields.
Note: If you key in an email address for your member they will receive a Handicap Revision Newsletter from the Association every 1st and 15th of the month including information about their handicap index, their scoring record, their handicap card and various Association news items.
Step 5: Click on the [Add Golfer] button. The member's new GHIN number will be visible on the next screen.

How do I inactivate a player? a list of players?

To inactivate a single member's GHIN account find the member's name in your GHIN club roster using your GHIN Handicap Management program. Click on their name (blue link) to get to their Golfer Record. Verify you have selected the proper member. At the bottom of the record you can click a button to Inactivate the player's GHIN record.

To inactivate your entire roster or a group of members: Select [My Golfers] and then [Change Golfer Statuses] from the menu selection in your GHIN Handicap Management program. Select the Service you want to work with. Click on the Search Golfers button. In the resulting list checkmark any golfer you wish to inactivate. (Their name(s) will turn bright yellow when selected.) When finished selecting members in the list, click on the Inactivate Selected Golfers button at the top of the page. Hint: You can sort any of the column information (from high to low or from A to Z) by clicking on the column label.

How do I print a Handicap Revision Report?

A report builder option is built into your GHIN Management software program - GHP Club. Among the many reports listed is a Handicap Revision Report with options to tailor it to your needs. To learn how to print out this report, please see this tutorial in our How-To Section: Handicap Revision Report

How can I set a default posting tee for one of my members?

Each of your club members can have a default posting tee assigned to them. Once assigned, the default tee will be the first option offered during the posting process. The member can simply confirm the date and their ESC score and then post. They will always have the option to switch to another set of tees or an entirely different course at any time should they play a course different than their default tees. To learn how to set up default tees for a member, please see this tutorial in our How-To Section: Default Posting Tees

I have a GHIN guest player. How can I find their handicap?

There are a few ways to find handicap information in the GHP and TPP software programs. Whether you know the GHIN number of your guest or just their name and state you can usually find the information you seek. Please see this tutorial in our How-To Section: GHIN Guest Handicaps

How do I edit a member's score?

According to USGA Handicap policy, once a score is posted it is not editable by a member. The only entity authorized to change a member's scoring record is the club Handicap Committee. The GHIN Management software program (GHP Club) gives you the tools to make scoring changes for your members. To learn how to edit posted scores, please see this tutorial in our How-To Section: Edit Scores

I have a member who has two different GHIN numbers. How can I merge them together?

Each member of the GHIN system should only have one GHIN number to post to. WIth a single GHIN account the peer review process is simplified as all scores for any one member are only recorded in one unique record. Should you have a member that has more than one GHIN number (active #'s or inactive #'s), please contact the Carolinas GHIN Support department so we can merge the numbers together. (This is not an operation that is available to club administrators.) The scoring records from each of the original GHIN accounts will be retained and combined during the merge. Important: Before contacting Carolinas GHIN Support, please determine which one of the two or more GHIN numbers your member would prefer to keep using going forwarded.

I have a member who has a GHIN number in the Carolinas and also has a handicap in another non-GHIN region. How can I link them together?

Using your GHIN Handicap Management program (GHP Club) you can look up the GHIN record for your member and create an IGN link to the other region. IGN is the International Golf Network and they operate a clearing house for synchronizing scores from various handicapping systems so a player has to only post a score once and it will be relayed on to the other handicap systems for the member. This is a two part process - you have to enter the other region's information in your member's GHIN record and the other region has to enter your member's GHIN number and Golf Association into their handicap system. Once both sides has been completed, then any future scores will be sent to both handicap systems regardless of whether they post on the GHIN system or they post on the outside system. Note: if your member has a GHIN number with a NC golf club then the other region must use "Carolinas GA" as the linked association. If your member has a GHIN number with a SC golf club then the other region must use "South Carolina GA" as the linked association. Please see this tutorial in our How-To Section: Linking Two Handicaps Together