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USGA Handicap Guides

USGA Handigram Downloads

The USGA publishs a series of Handigrams covering various handicapping topics. These are one-page one-topic guides you can download to use as handouts or to post for your members to learn about handicapping rules.

USGA Handigram Downloads

Players Competing from a Different Set of Tees   link
(Section 3-5)

When players compete from a different set of tees an additional adjustment to players' handicaps is mandatory to ensure the fairness of the competition. This handigram demonstrates how the adjustment is calculated.

Adjusting Hole Scores   link
(Section 4-1)

For holes that are unfinished or not played, there are two methods by which a hole score should be recorded. This handigram explains when to use each method.

Acceptability of Scores for Posting   link
(Section 5-1)

When it comes to posting scores, each player is responsible for determining which scores are acceptable and which are not. This handigram lays out these rules in an easy to understand list.

Posting from an Unrated Set of Tees - Women   link
(Section 5-2g)

If a woman player finds herself playing from a set of tees not rated for women or from a set of mixed women's tees, she must make an adjustment to the slope and rating when posting her score. This handigram features a chart of Women's Ratings Adjustments.

Posting from an Unrated Set of Tees - Men   link
(Section 5-2g)

If a male player finds himself playing from a set of tees not rated for men or from a set of mixed unrated men's tees, he must make an adjustment to the slope and rating when posting his score. This handigram features a chart of Men's Ratings Adjustments.

When to post a Tournament Score   link
(Section 2)

The USGA has added some clarification regarding what should be designated as a tournament score when posting. This handigram summarizes the guidelines and displays a new chart making it easier to understand.

Recommended Handicap Allowances   link
(Section 9-4)

While individual events are recommended to be run at 100% of Course Handicap, team events are generally run using a percentage of Course Handicap to make the competition more equitable. This handigram lays out some of the recommendations for this allowances.

Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)   link
(Section 4-3)

All scores for handicap purposes are subject to the mandatory procedure called Equitable Stroke Control. ESC reduces high hole scores in order reflect a player's potential ability. This handigram has ESC charts for both 18 hole and 9 hole postings.

Handicap Reduction - Exceptional Tournament Scores   link
(Section 10-3)

When a player posts tournament scores that are considered exceptionally better than their normal scoring record, the handicapping rules called for a reduction of this player's Handicap Index. This handigram shows the step-by-step calculations for determining this exceptional tournament score reduction.

The USGA Handicap System Manual

The entire USGA Handicap System Manual can be read online at: Handicap System Manual

The USGA Handicap System Manual is available for purchase from the USGA. You may order it online at: The USGA Store

The USGA Rules of Golf

The USGA Rules of Golf can be found online at: Rules of Golf Online

The Rules of golf are also available in printed format from the USGA: Rules of Golf Book

There is also a free app for your smartphone (iOS or Android) on the Rules of Golf: Mobile Apps