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How do I correct a score posting error?

Once a score is posted it cannot be corrected or deleted by the members themselves. Please contact you club's professional staff or your club's Handicap Committee. According to the U.S.G.A. Handicap rules, they are the only entity authorized to make changes to a member's scoring record.

I have forgotten my GHIN number - how can I determine what it is?

Your club's professional staff has access to your GHIN record through their handicap roster. They will be able to answer your questions.

How many methods are available to post scores?

The GHIN system is a very user friendly handicap system boasting numerous ways to interact with the system and post your scores:

  1. Clubhouse Posting Kiosk - There is usually a computer posting station at the clubhouse of the club you belong to. Normally it is set up with a touchscreen for ease in posting and looking up handicap information. See our How-To Center for a tutorial on using the Clubhouse Posting Kiosk.
  2. Online Posting Widget - The online widget is a simple online tool you can use with any Internet browser program. You will find links to the the posting widget at your association website or you can link to the post a score widget here at Carolinas GHIN Support.
  3. eGolfer Online Profile - An eGolfer account offers a more personalized interaction with the GHIN system. After establishing a username and profile you log into your own GHIN user account where you can post scores, look up handicap details and even track your stats and print out reports. See our How-To Center for a tutorial on using the eGolfer Online Profile.
  4. Smartphone App - Perhaps our favorite method for keeping up with your handicap. Apps for the iPhone and Android devices are available. These apps will also work on similarly outfitted tablets. Please visit our Mobile Apps Section for more details on how these apps work and how to download and install them. We think you'll love em..

How can I change information in my GHIN profile?

There are three ways to change your biographical information in the GHIN system:

1. Use the following widget to change your data. Your will need your GHIN number and your last name to enter the widget. GHIN Profile Widget.

2. Register for an eGolfer account at Once logged into your account there is a Edit Profile menu option where you can change any of your individual data (e.g. mailing address, birthdate, email address, etc) See: What is eGolfer and the eGolfer tutorial

3. Contact your club's professional staff to make the necessary changes to your profile.

I was just added to the GHIN system. When will I have an official handicap?

Handicaps are updated on the first and fifteenth of every month. Scores must be posted by midnight of the evening prior to the revision to be included in that revision.

I am a member of a golf club and I post scores online. When I tried to look up my handicap today I got the message "GHIN Number not found". I know my number is correct - what is happening?

You might experience this more often at the beginning of the calendar year. Many clubs "inactivate" their entire rosters when a new season or year begins. This prevents the club from accidently being billed for members who may not return to the club or may not renew their handicap membership. Please check with your club's professional staff to see if you are inactive in the GHIN system. Once the club "activates" your GHIN record you may begin to post scores and update your scoring record immediately.

What does an NH mean when I look at my Handicap Index?

An NH means that you do not have an official handicap at the present time. For members that are new to the GHIN system this usually means you do not have enough scores posted to calculate a handicap. As you continue to post scores your handicap will be calculated based on the following chart:

Number of
Acceptable Scores
Differentials to
be Used
5 or 6 Lowest 1
7 or 8 Lowest 2
9 or 10 Lowest 3
11 or 12 Lowest 4
13 or 14 Lowest 5
15 or 16 Lowest 6
17 Lowest 7
18 Lowest 8
19 Lowest 9
20 Lowest 10

An NH could also mean you have not been through an official handicap revision. The Handicap Index is revised every 1st and 15th of the month. If you are new to the system and have enough scores for a handicap then you will have an Index calculated at the next revision date.

Finally, an NH could mean your are currently "inactive" at your club. Please contact your club's professional staff to reactivate your GHIN membership.

What do all of the various letters after a member's handicap index refer to?

Different types of handicaps are identified by letter designations:

L = Local (trend) handicap

M = Modified handicap (modified by the Handicap Committee)

N = Nine- hole Hnaidcap Index

NL = Local (trend) nine-hole handicap

R = A Handicap Index that has been automatically reduced for exceptional tournament performance

WD = A Handicap index withdrawn by the Handicap Committee

What is a Local or Trend handicap?

A Trend Handicap is an estimate of a handicap. It will include all posted scores including scores entered since the previous revision. Some clubs use the trend (or local) handicap for their member competitions between revision periods. For their golfers who play 3 or more times per week, it is thought the trend (or local) handicap is a better estimate of their golfing ability.

What does it mean when I have an R after my Handicap Index?

An "R" label designation after your Handicap Index indicates that your Index has been reduced based on Exceptional Tournament Scores. When your two(2) lowest tournament scores are considered significantly better than your ongoing scoring record, a reduction is applied to the member's Handicap Index. The formula is complex and is covered by Section 10-3 in the Handicap Manual. Tournament scores factor into the evaluation for a reduction for one calendar year from the time the "T" score was posted.  The threshold for a possible reduction is when your second lowest T score is more than 3.0 strokes better than your normal Handicap Index. The best way to erase an R designation is to try to lower your handicap index by playing and posting scores closer to the types of scores you have demonstrated you are capable of scoring in tournament play. For a step-by-step example of how a reduced handicap is calculated please refer to this exhibit.

How can I look up a Handicap Index for a friend of mine?

If your friend is keeping their handicap in the GHIN system, you can use the Handicap Lookup option on the club's GHIN Score Posting Kiosk or you can use the online Handicap Lookup Widget. In either case all you will need to know is your friend's last name and the state where they have established their GHIN record.

I would like to see the Handicap Index of all of the members at my club. Is this possible?

Yes, but first you have to establish an eGolfer account. Due to various privacy issues we do not publish a club's membership list to anyone other than a bonafide member of the club. When you create an eGolfer Online Profile you are verifying your credentials as a club member (see What is eGolfer and the eGolfer tutorial). Once logged into eGolfer, you will select and enter your club's eClubhouse (the option for eClubhouse is directly below your sign in credentials). At the eClubhouse site you can then click on the Members menu selection and you will be shown a club member list with each member's Handicap Index and a link to their scoring record.

My friends get a handicap update email twice a month. How can I receive this?

Active association GHIN members with an e-mail address can have their GHIN Handicap Index information automatically emailed to them every revision!

In addition to displaying an updated Handicap Index, the eRevision email contains other valuable information such as handicap scoring record, Handicap Index History, Association News and a convenient printable handicap card that can be cut out and used as proof of Handicap Index.

E-mail addresses are kept secure within the GHIN Enterprise Server and are guarded by the Association. We do not sell or give away our email addresses at any time. Any communications will originate by the association. You can unsubscribe at any time using the online Unsubscribe from Newsletter Widget.

To add your email address or update your profile, begin by entering your GHIN number and the first 8 letters of your last name in the online Register for eRevision Newsletter Widget.

I wasn't able to finish my round today due to inclement weather. Should I still post my score?

If 13 or more holes are played then you must post an 18-hole score. If 7 to 12 holes were played then you must post a nine-hole score. In either case, scores for unplayed holes must be recorded as par plus any handicap strokes that the player is entitled to receive on the unplayed holes. Entitled strokes are applied according to the handicap allocations assigned to each hole.

For instance, let's assume you were rained out and were not able to play the 4-par hole number 18 and its hole allocation rates it as the 7th handicap hole. Further assume you have a course handicap of 10. To record a score for the 18th hole you would take par plus add one stroke to it since as a 10 handicap you would be entitled to a stroke on the 7th handicap hole. Therefore, the score to post for the 18th hole would be 4 plus 1 equals 5. You would apply the same principles for all holes not played.

I posted a score online today, but could not see that score. What happened?

The default Handicap lookup screen is a snapshot tied to a revision date and your Revision Scores - these are the scores that were used in the calculation of your curent Handicap Index - this screen will not show recently posted scores.  However, if you click on the image link entitled "View 20 Most Recent" just above your scoring record, you will see a snapshot of what is in the database at this moment.  The score that you posted online should appear there. Handicap Lookup Widget

When I looked up a Handicap Index of a friend of mine, it looked like all of their scores were posted on the same date. Why is that?

When you look up an index by entering a person's name and state you are only shown a portion of their handicap record due to privacy concerns. The dates you are seeing represent the month and the year they played. The specific date nor the club/course they played are not listed. Handicap Lookup Widget

I have two different GHIN numbers. What should I do?

We would like to merge your two numbers together so you only have to post your scores to one GHIN number that happens to be associated with 2 or more clubs. Please fill out the Online Merge Request Form and we will take of the merge for you.

What is an eGolfer account and why would I want one?

eGolfer is one of several methods for members to interact with the GHIN system. With an eGolfer account, members may:

Members must register for an individual profile and use a username and password to log into eGolfer. You can find a tutorial to help you with using eGolfer in our How-To Center.

I would like to find a club in my area that offers the GHIN Handicap System.

There are several different types of clubs that you may join. Any club that belongs to the Carolinas Golf Association 9CGA), the South Carolina Golf Association (SCGA), or the Women's South Carolinas GOlf Association (WSCGA) and offers handicapping will be part of the GHIN handicap system. Clubs are broken into three types: Regular Member clubs are facilities that feature one or more golf courses on property. Affiliate Member clubs are orginaized and permanent clubs that do not have a "green grass" course however their membership regularly gets together to play golf. eClubs are regional clubs not belonging to either a "green grass" facility or an affiliate club where members must reside within a 50 mile radius of the base club. eClubs are administered directly by the CGA or SCGA and are offered as an alternative to those golfers who are not interested in joining a traditional club. For more information please click on the following links:

  North Carolina South Carolina
Traditional Club Membership Find a NC Club Find a SC Club
eClub Memberships Join NC eClub Join SC eClub