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Education Center

Explanations of Changes from USGA Handicap
System to World Handicap System

Each document below explains a major change going into effect on
January 1, 2020. Each individual paper (1 page each) describes:

  • The current USGA Handicap System policy
  • The rule change to World Handicapping Ssystem
  • The reasons for the change
1 Course Rating & Slope Rating
2 Number of Scores Required to Obtain a Handicap Index
3 Basis of Handicap Index Calculation (8 of 20)
4 Limit on Upward Movement of Handicap Index (CAP)
5 Exceptional Score Reduction (ESR)
6 Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC)
7 Frequency of Handicap Index Updates (Daily Updates)
8 Maximum Handicap Index (54.0)
9 Importance of Determination of Par
10 Course Handicap Calculation
11 Playing Handicap Calculation and Use
12 Maximum Hole Score for Handicap Purposes (Net Double Bogey)
13 Treatment of Nine-Hole Scores


World Handicapping System Introduction Videos


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World Handicapping System

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