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GHIN® Mobile App

Download your free GHIN Mobile App.

The GHIN Mobile App is free and offers a personalized mobile experience allowing you to manage and follow your game with ease.

  • Post your score
  • View your official Handicap Index® 
  • View your most recent scores
  • Interactive Course Handicap™ Calculator
  • Handicap Index Lookup (GHIN #, Name & State)
  • my Courses Listing
  • News
  • View Tournament Calendars, View Pairings, Scores, and Results *
  • Sign up for Tournaments (must have or create a Golf Genius Player Profile)*
  • Get Partners Handicaps

*Clicking CGA Tournaments within the GHIN Mobile App takes you to Golf Genius via your phone's browser.

iPhone Users: (Click to download from iTunes) or search "GHIN Mobile" in the App Store

Android Users: (Click to download from Google Play) or search "GHIN Mobile" on Google Play

App Installation Notes

  • A member must have an active GHIN account to use the app
  • A member must have a Digital Profile to log into the app
  • Your GHIN number begins with a non-zero number.  Do not enter any leading zeros when entering your GHIN number.
  • If the app seems frozen or non-responsive please follow these steps
    • Uninstall the app
    • Power off your phone, then restart your phone
    • Install the app and any updates