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Carolinas Golf Association


Launch of World Handicap System
& GHIN-2020 Software


Team Viewer Quick Support Download

TV1. Team Viewer Quick Support Download


WHS Manuals & Guides

W1. USGA Course Ratings Database
W2. Rules of Handicapping Booklet (WHS) booklet
W3. Rules of Handicapping - USGA - Final Manual final
W4. Top Ten New World Handicapping Features Top Ten WHS Features
W5. WHS Certification Quiz whsquiz
W6. WHS - 5 Things to Know Handout 5things
W7. Stroke Index Datasheet strokedata
W8. Allocating Par Datasheet pardata
W9. New Handicap Allowances Datasheet allowances
W10. Frequently Asked Questions whs_faqs
W11. Member Slide Presentation w/ Videos (1300mb) slideshowwithvideos
W12. Member Slide Presentation w/o Videos (14mb) slideshowwithoutvideos


WHS Forms & Transition Materials

F3. Member Change of Email Address email address
F8. WHS Certification Quiz whsquiz


Professional Training Center

Listed below are links to many of the step-by-step user guides you will find helpful as
you begin to use the GHIN Admin Portal. You can find even more user
guides in the "Tools & Resources" tab within the Admin Portal itself (or click

here to find the built-in online tutorial library)

Professional Admin Tools
P1. Activate GHIN Admin Credentials admincredentials
P2. Adding Additional GHIN Admin Users manage club users
P3. URL for GHIN Admin Portal Login
P4. Setting up Your Posting Kiosk settingupyourkiosk
P5. Setting Up Home Courses home courses
P6. Manage your Club Logo club logo
P7. Checking Par Values for you Course/Tees checkingparvalues
P8. Your Final Post-Transition Checklist transition checklist
Golfer Admin Tools
G1. Adding a New Golfer to Your Roster adding a new golfer
G2. Activate a Member in GHIN activate a golfer
G3. Inactivate a Member in GHIN inactivate a golfer
G4. Searching for Your Golfers searchgolfers
G5. Searching for Any GHIN Golfer searchallgolfers
G6. Editing Member Biographical Info membership details
G7. Posting a Score Using the Admin Portal a. post a score tab
b. posting total scores
c. posting hole-by-hole
G8. Changing a Member's Scoring Record a. overview
b. score maintenance
G9. Changing a Member's Home Club Designation home club designation
G10. Member's Newsletter Subscription Preferences email subscriptions
G11. Modify Index, LHI, WD or Special update a. modification overview
b. hcdp modifications
Reporting Admin Tools
R1. Using Golfer Groups managing golfer groups
R2. View or Print a Template Report view template report
R4. Scheduling a Template Report schedule template report
R5. Editing a Previously Schedule Template Report editing a report


Member Training Center

M0. Frequently Asked Questions whs_faqs
M1. Posting Scores at the Posting Kiosk
M2. Posting Scores with the Mobile App
M4. Posting Scores with the Desktop Dashboard
M6. Correcting Score Posting Errors By WHS Handicapping Rules, please contact your professional staff or handicap committee to make changes to your scoring record.
M7. Finding IOS GHIN Mobile App mobile app flyer
M7a. Installing the IOS App installingIOS
M8. Finding Android GHIN Mobile App mobile app flyer
M8a. Installing the Android App installingAndroid
M9. Member Change of Email Address Contact your professional staff, or
Submit new email address here:

email address
M10. URL for GHIN Desktop Dashboard
M11. Top Ten New World Handicapping Features Top Ten WHS Features
M12. WHS - 5 Things to Know ABout WHS Handout 5things