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USGA GHIN Sponsored Webinars
USGA GHIN will be conducting a series of webinars for club personnel. This is your opportunity to learn more about the World Handicap System and how it is impacting the new GHIN-2020 software. To attend a webinar, click on the link of your choice and fill out the required registration information. While we covered most, if not all, of this informtion in our CGA Fall Seminar Series, this is an opportunity to hear and see these products presented by the USGA GHIN prodcut managers themselves. Check back here periodically throughout the month of December to discover more USGA webinars available for club staff.
Session Description
Admin Portal Review golfer administration tasks including score posting and Handicap Index management.
Kiosk Setup & Overview Learn how to setup a Club Kiosk and see a demonstration of the Kiosk features and functionality.
Launch Prep Preparing your club and golfers for utilizing the new GHIN Product Suite.
Template Reports Review of the available reports for  club admins.



Professional Admin Tools
P1. Activate GHIN Admin Credentials admincredentials
P2. Adding Additional GHIN Admin Users manage club users
P3. URL for GHIN-2020 Admin Portal Login
P4. Setting up Your Posting Kiosk settingupyourkiosk
P5. Setting Up Home Courses home courses
P6. Manage your Club Logo club logo
P7. Checking Par Values for you Course/Tees checkingparvalues
P8. Your Final Post-Transition Checklist transition checklist
Golfer Admin Tools
G1. Adding a New Golfer to Your Roster adding a new golfer
G2. Activate a Member in GHIN activate a golfer
G3. Inactivate a Member in GHIN inactivate a golfer
G4. Searching for Your Golfers searchgolfers
G5. Searching for Any GHIN Golfer searchallgolfers
G6. Editing Member Biographical Info membership details
G7. Posting a Score Using the Admin Portal a. post a score tab
b. posting total scores
c. posting hole-by-hole
G8. Changing a Member's Scoring Record a. overview
b. score maintenance
G9. Changing a Member's Home Club Designation home club designation
G10. Member's Newsletter Subscription Preferences email subscriptions
G11. Modify Index, LHI, WD or Special update a. modification overview
b. hcdp modifications
Reporting Admin Tools
R1. Using Golfer Groups managing golfer groups
R2. View or Print a Template Report view template report
R4. Scheduling a Template Report schedule template report
R5. Editing a Previously Schedule Template Report editing a report