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Changes to GHIN & TPP

The following GHIN & TPP changes are taking place on December 4, 2017. 
These changes only affect clubs in South Carolina. 
North Carolina Clubs do not need to make any changes at this time.

Posting Stations New credentials are needed to use the posting station - see instructions below
GHIN Admin Program New credentials are need to log into - see instructions below
TPP Client Software Note: As previously announced - TPP Client is going away on December 31, 2017.
However, for the balance of the year you can change credentials to continue to use TPP Client software until December 31st. TPP Client software is the version of TPP installed directly on the computer. In order to connect to GHIN for club lists and handicap indexes new credential preferences have to be changed in the program - see instructions below
eClubhouse Event Signup Note: As previously announced - eClubhouse for event signups is going away on December 31, 2017.
eClubhouse event signup will cease to be available on December 4th. See exhibit below to learn about alternatives to event signup using TM-Club or TM-Premium tournament software.
TPP Online Club TPP Online Club will no longer be active on December 4th. See exhibit below to learn about the features available in TM-Club. TM-Club is the replacement software USGA is making available to clubs for no charge as a benefit of your membership in the CGA.
Important Note: if you want to retain the results from past events that were conducted using TPP Online Club you will need to print out the results or save them to PDF files prior to December 4th. All TPP Online Club data will not be available after Devcember 4th.
For more information on any topic please scroll down to the same color exhibit


Why are these changes being made now?
The United States Golf Association (U.S.G.A.) is restructuring their relationship with various State and Regional Golf Associations (SRGA's) throughout the country beginning in January, 2018. The State and Regional Golf Associations will be known by the title Allied Golf Associations (AGA's) in the future. This change in structure affects our member clubs in South Carolina. All of our South Carolina member clubs will require new credentials for logging into GHIN software. These changes take place on December 4, 2017.
The South Carolina Golf Association (SCGA) and the Women's South Carolina Golf Association (WSCGA) will continue to operate in their normal fashion maintaining their existing relationships with the CGA for all member clubs in South Carolina.


Re-Credentialing Your Posting Station - you must separately re-credential each posting station you have
Step 1: Open the posting station program by double clicking the "GHIN Score Posting" icon located on the computer desktop
Step 2: Click on the white letters "GHIN" located in the bottom right hand corner of the posting station screen
Step 3: Click on the blue box labeled - "Load Club Preferences"
Step 4: Key in your old club password
Step 5: On the resulting Load Club Preferences screen - change the two first digits of the club number from "82" to  "81".
Step 6: Leave all of the other information the same
Step 7: Click the "Save" button on the bottom right of the screen
Step 8: Click the "Close" button on the resulting white box to finish the process
Step 9: Test the posting station. It should have the name of the club showing on the the gray header bar. You should also be able to retrieve the handicap index or post a score for any active member of the club.


Re-Credentialing Your GHP Admin Software - add, activate, inactivate or correct scores for your members
Step 1: Using your browser of choice - go to the URL
Step 2: Your login credentials will now become

Association = 81   (no longer 82)
Club Number = same as previous
Password = same as previous


Re-Credentialing Your TPP Client Software - this is the software where you click on a green & white TPP icon
Reminder - TPP is going away on December 31, 2017.
It is being replaced by TM-Club.
If you have not attended a TM Qualifying Seminar and have not received your TM-Club credentials,
go to this link to read about the software and to sign up for a TM Seminar.
Step 1: Open the TPP Client software by double clicking on the green & white TPP icon on the computer desktop
Step 2: Open any existing tournament
Step 3: Using the menu items, go to [Tournament] [Preferences] [Setup Association/Club Number]
Step 4: Under the first instance of "Association/Club Number" key in Association = "81". Your club number is the same as it has always been.
Step 5: Make sure the second, third and fourth instance of "Association/Club Number" sections are unchecked and blank
Step 6: At the bottom of the box your password will be the same password you use to access the GHP Handicap Admin program. Key it in twice, as necessary
Step 7: Click OK
Step 8: Test the TPP Client software by going to [Players] [Other Add/Remove Player Options] [Add/Remove Players from Club List]. On the left hand side of the display box should appear a listing of the active members of your club.
Step 9: Optional Look to the bottom of the TPP screen. If you see the red letters "Please Run Software Updates from the Help Menu!" - go to menu [Help] [Check for Software Updates]. Allow the program to restart if the software requests a restart.


Sign-up Features Available in USGA Tournament Management Software

TM-Club Version
(available to all member clubs at no charge)

The TM-Club version of the software does provide for round signups when working in the league format. There are two ways to sign up online using leagues:
  1. Round Email Invitations. When creating rounds in a league it is possible to send a Round Invitation to each player on the league roster via email (built-in to the software). The manager can add customized information to the body of the email. The player has the option to opt in or opt out of the round by clicking on the appropriate link in the Round Invitation email.
  2. Single Sign-on Signup. To start, each league member will register an email address and a password within the league. Then, periodically, a league player can sign into with their credentials and see all of the open rounds in their league. They have the option to opt-in or to opt-out of any round that is still open for signup.

Neither method above will let you collect additional information from the golfer (ex: tee choice, partner information, lunch selection, etc.). The player simply indicates whether they are "in" or whether they are "out". If they click on "in" then they are marked "confirmed" and "attending" for that round. If they opt out, they are marked "invited" and "non-attending".

Using either method above, a player may change their mind as often as they wish until such time as the round is closed for signups (as determined by the league manager). After that date, a player would have to contact the club directly to either sign up and drop out.

TM-Premium Version
(available as an option to all member clubs for an additional annual subscription fee - purchased directly from Golf Genius)

When using the premium version of TM (TM-Premium) you have several options for member signups for events or leagues:
  1. League Signup - The premium version features the same options for easy signup for league play as offered in the TM-Club version (see above).
  2. Online Registration - Online registration is available for any event. The manager creates an open registration template and enters all of the relevant data about an event: dates, times, games, rules, registration eligibility, etc. In addition, the manager can determine who can signup for the event: members only, members and their guests, guest only, outside play, etc. Players can get to the registration page by using their browser and going to a specified link for that event. They fill out the requested information at the registration site and enter the tournament.

    An added benefit to open registration is the ability to ask mulitple questions of the registrant during the registration process. For example: a member might be asked for the name of his guest or guests, his guest's GHIN number, or the guest's home club. A manager may need to know in advance each player's selection for dinner, a shirt or shoe size, or a player's preferred tee. All of this information can be gathered at registration time and stored in the player's roster record for use during the event.


TM-Club Software Features - some of the interesting and unique features available with TM-Club
Player Data FIelds Unlimited custom data fields can be created and stored with a player's roster record. These custom fields can be used for sorting players (division or flights), filtering of data, or printing of reports
Cloning Are you running a very similar event to one you conducted a few weeks ago? No reason to start over, TM-Club lets you clone the previous event keeping tournament formats, scorecard design, and  event settings with the push of one button.
Divisions & Flights TM-Club can organize events by divisions only, flights only and/or flights within divisions to give you the most versatile means to organize your pairings and scoring leaderboards.
Competitions TM-Club has many built-in games, formats and competitions. Selections are made by pulldown boxes as you define your various competitions making it easy to build the game format you want. You can set up mulitple games for each event and each round within an event. For example: you can run a one day event that features a two person best ball competition along with an individual skins competition as well as a low gross competition - all at the same time
Leaderboards Built-in Leaderboards showing the results of all competitions including gross and net scores by flight and/or division, tie-breaking, and optionally purse and points distributions
Online Event Portals Every event has an online website created by the software called a portal. Using the portal is optional. Players can access the portal pages using a dedicated URL link or by logging in with a special event code at The optional portal pages include: welcome page (customized by the manager); tee sheet starting times; player participant lists; event leaderboard results; player and course analytics; and a photo display slideshow.
Leagues Manage leagues with unique features such as: league rosters; emailing of league members; league signup invitations & registration; optimized pairings for minimum repeats; season long points and results; round robin league formats; and online league portal website.
Handicap Analysis A very unique feature in TM-Club is the Handicap Analysis tool. For each competition that is set up in an event, there is a handicap analysis page showing step-by-step how the handicaps were caluclated for each player in the event. This analysis includes explanations of how Section 3-5 adjustments were handled and how handicap allowances were factored into stroke play and match play formats.


Note: All above references to software including all names, titles, abbreviations, etc. are trademarksof the Unted States Golf Association (U.S.G.A.)
or are are copyrighted materials by the U.S.G.A. and cannot be copied or used without express consent and permission from the U.S.G.A.