Carolinas GHIN Support

What is GASC?

Golf Association Services of the Carolinas

The GASC department is a internal department jointly managed and formed by the Carolinas Golf Association (CGA), South Carolinas Golf Association (SCGA) and the South Carolina Women's Golf Association (WSCGA). It was formed for the joint administration of the associations' Handicapping activities including Handicap Index Services, GHIN Support for our members and clubs, GHIN software education and training, and GHIN services billing and general administration.

The GASC Department works closely with each Association's membership director to coordinate member support and deliver consistent services in keeping with the mission of each association. The Carolinas GHIN Support department within GASC is responsible for all phone and email support for GHIN products, systems and software. If you need to reach the Carolinas GHIN Support department please see our contact page.