Carolinas GHIN Support

WHS Compliant Course Information

Here are some helpful resources you can use when dealing with Course Details in your Golf Genius program:

1. Importing an updated or new course: Importing Course from USGA Database

2. Managing your Course Details: Manage Course Details

3. Posting Scores to GHIN: How to post Scores from Golf Genius

4. Setting Course and Tees: Setting Tees in Pairings

5. Player Default Tees in Master Roster: Default Tees

6. Setting Tees Using the Custom "Tee" Field: Preferred Tees in an Event


Here is information about Course Ratings and Stroke Index:

1. Course Rating and Slope Database: USGA Course Ratings

2. Who Provides the Course Rating for each golf course? Answer

3. What is a Course Rating? Answer

4. What is a Slope Rating? Answer

5. Course Length Requirements? To have a valid Course Rating and Slope Rating, a tee set must be at lest 1,500 yards for 18 holes, or 750 yards for a rated 9 hole course.

6. Stroke Index Explanation (Appendix E): Stroke Index

7. Submitting new Stroke Index Values to the CGA: Submit Stroke Index